StoryFest 2017 Fall Schedule
Horaire D'Automne de StoryFest 2017

Please note this urgent change to our StoryFest schedule: 
Mary Walsh will not be able to attend StoryFest at the Hudson Village Theatre on Sunday, Oct. 8th at 2 p.m.  Mary had a hiking accident Saturday which has caused a possible concussion. Her doctor has given her strict orders not to travel until further notice. She very much hopes to reschedule her visit to StoryFest. Please hold on to your tickets until a further announcement is made! We greatly regret any inconvenience this has caused.

Greenwood's StoryFest 2017 will hold events throughout the month of October.

Monia Mazigh - 1 oct, 14h00/ Oct. 1st, 2:00pm.                                       St. Mary's Hall, Hudson                                                                    $15.00

Lee Maracle - 3 oct, 19h30/Oct. 3rd, 7:30pm                                         Hudson Village Theatre                                                                    $15.00                                                                                            

Daniel Levitin - 6 oct, 19h30/Oct. 6th, 7:30pm.                                        Hudson Community Centre                                                              $15.00

Mary Walsh - 8 oct, 14h00/Oct. 8th, 2:00pm.                                            Hudson Village Theatre                                                                    $15.00 

Ross King - 10 oct, 19h30/Oct. 10th, 7:30pm.                                          Hudson Village Theatre                                                                    $15.00

Lawrence Hill - 14 oct, 10h00/ Oct. 14th, 10:00am.                                    Hudson Community Centre                                                              $20.00

Ian Howarth - 17 oct, 19h30/Oct. 17th, 7:30pm.                                        Hudson Village Theatre                                                                    $15.00

Laurie Gough *Travel: Memoir Writers Workshop - 21oct/Oct. 21st     $60.00  At Greenwood Centre 1:00pm- 4:00pm (not included in pass)                                                                        

Douglas Gibson - 24 oct, 19h30/ Oct. 24th, 7:30pm.                                   Hudson Village Theatre                                                                    $15.00

Beth Powning - 29 oct, 14h00/ Oct. 29th, 2:00pm.                                     St. Mary's Hall, Hudson                                                                    $15.00

Film: Testament of Youth

23 oct, 14h00 et 19h30/ Oct. 23rd, 2:00pm and 7:30pm.                            Hudson Village Theatre                                                                  $10.00

Passe Festival/ Festival Pass: $100 (Value $150) 

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  *Travel: Memoir Writers' Workshop with Laurie Gough

      Do you love to travel and enjoy writing? Have you always wanted to write about your journeys, perhaps even publish articles or a book about them, but don’t know where to begin? Do you want to create a legacy of some of your travels for you and your family to continue to appreciate?

     If so, then sign up for StoryFest’s Travel: Memoir Writers’ Workshop with Laurie Gough, a seasoned travel writer and accomplished memoirist.

     Her writing includes the award-winning Kite Strings of the Southern Cross: A Woman’s Travel Odyssey (also subtitled as Tales of the South Pacific), the highly acclaimed Stolen Child: A Mother’s Journey to Rescue Her Son from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and numerous articles. She will not only help you to find ‘the story’ in your travels but provide some of the ways to borrow fiction-writing techniques to best craft a memoir based on your explorations and experiences.

Space is limited to 18 participants on a first-paid/first-reserved basis through the online ticket service. $60 (not included in festival pass).

Each year, Greenwood Centre's StoryFest Committee volunteers organize a remarkable lineup of distinguished and engaging authors, poets, storytellers, and films to be part of the StoryFest schedule.  It's an autumn event not to be missed!  

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