StoryFest Guest Archive

Past StoryFest guests are remembered fondly for their generous spirit of sharing, engaging presentations and enthusiastic discussions with our high school students and other community members.


Souvankham Thammavongsa

David Homel

Marie-Louise Gay


Joan Thomas

Margaret McMillan

Michelle Good

Annabel Lyon

Emily Urquhart

Tommy Schnurmacher

Michaela Di Cesare 


Anakana Schofield

Alix Ohlin

Rawi Hage

D'Arcy Jenish

Steven Price

Frances Itani

Ann Hui

Dave Williams


Michael Redhill

Liona Boyd

Ian Hamilton

Catherine McKenzie

Sylvain Rivard

Marjorie Simmins

Zoe Whittall

Ken Dryden

David Adams Richards


              Mary Walsh

               Lawrence Hill

Daniel Levitin

               Beth Powning

              Monia Mazigh

             Laurie Gough

             Douglas Gibson

               Lee Maracle

               Ian Howarth


Nisha Coleman

Eric Siblin

Takriluk Partridge

Heather O'Neill

Saleema Nawaz

Terry Fallis

Don McKay 

Gwynne Dyer

John Farrow

Marina Endicott

Ian McGillis

Monique Polak

Gail Anderson

Guy Vanderhaeghe


Kim Thúy

 Ann-Marie MacDonald

Kathleen Winter

Lisa Moore

Tomson Highway

Lauren B. Davis

David Halton

Sean Michaels


Margaret Atwood
Kate Pullinger
Michael Winter
Paul Thompson
Peter Behrens
Merilyn Simonds
Graeme Gibson
Stephanie Bolster
Monty Reid
Arleen Paré
Roméo Dallaire
Ian Keteku
Oana Avasilichioaei
Paris Elizabeth Sea


Michael Ondaatje
Charles Foran
Bonnie Laing
Helen Humphreys
Josip Novakovich
Linda Spalding
Lorne Elliott
Michael Crummey
Emma Donoghue
Nancy Richler


Sally Armstrong

Wayson Choy

Lauren B. Davis

Elizabeth Hay

Ami McKay

Jeffrey simpson


Linden MacIntyre
Joel Yanofsky
Catherine Chandler

Margaret Trudeau

Gary Townsend
John Asfour

Merilyn Simonds Wayne Grady

Anthony De Sa

Wayne Johnston

Bill Haugland

Colleen Curran


Trevor Ferguson (aka John Farrow)
Johanna Skibsrud
Louise Penny
M.G. Vassanji
Nino Ricci
Claire Holden Rothman
Jason Heroux
Robyn Sarah
Claudia Coutu Radmore


Jane Urquhart
Jan Wong
Donna Morrissey
Maria Loggia
Jeff Heinrich


Stevie Cameron - Investigating Corruption in Politics
Joseph Boyden - Three Day Road

William Toye 

Shane Kelly 

Poetry Free for All - Hosted by Mark Smith 

Poetry Invitational - Jon Paul Fiorentino, Susan McMaster, Susan Gillis, Mark Abley 


Tony Hushion – The New ROM: A Museum as Agora 

Claire Mowat – Travels with Farley 

Noah Richler – This is my Country. What’s Yours? 

Roy MacGregor - Canadians: A Portrait of a Country and its People 

Mark Smith - Poetry Workshop 

Lorne Elliott - Story Writing Workshop 

Gil Courtemanche - Un dimanche à la piscine à Kigali 

Karen Molson - Hartland de Montarville Molson: Man of Honour 


Karen Molson - Six Women of Montreal 

Ken McGoogan - Ancient Mariner: The Amazing Adventures of Samuel Hearne 

Barry Callaghan - Barrelhouse Kings 

Louisa Blair - The Anglos: The Hidden Face of Quebec 


Dinu Bumbaru – A Discussion about the work of Heritage Montreal 

Charlotte Gray - A Portrait in Letters 1800-2000 

Jane Brierley - Memoirs of a Less Travelled Road: A Historian’s Life(translation) 

Mark Abley - Spoken Here: Travels Among Threatened Languages 


Victor Owen – A Discussion about Como Glass 

Victoria Freeman - Distant Relations: How My Ancestors Colonized North America 

J.L. Granatstein - Hell’s Corner: An Illustrated History of Canada’s Great War 

Marian Fowler - Hope: Adventures of a Diamond, and Blenheim: Biography of a Palace 


Ed Lawrence - Gardener to the Governor-General

Christopher Moore - Louisbourg Portraits 

Sylvia Fraser - The Green Labyrinth: Exploring the Mysteries of the Amazon


Senator Philippe Gigantès, "Power and Greed: A Short History of the World"

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