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Explore these resource links as you have the time. Deepen your love of history while expanding your knowledge of the area, the region and the province.

Karen Molson  

Author and researcher Karen Molson is also an active Greenwood board member and a volunteer at Canadian Heritage of Quebec. As noted on Karen's website, her passion for history has expressed itself in biographies, articles, films, exhibitions and podcasts.

Don't miss this Greenwood-related addition to her collection: CLEAR RECOLLECTIONS: Memoirs of Percy Nobbs, which Karen had edited and annotated.

Hudson Historical Society

Formed in 1963, the main goal of the Society is to preserve the historical facts and features of the Hudson area. Its focus is on the people who have lived in the town of Hudson, and their legacies.The Society's interests also extend to the surrounding towns, including Rigaud, St.Lazare, Ste. Marthe, Vaudreuil, Dorion, and to the natural history of the region, which includes the Lake of Two Mountains on the Ottawa River.

Laurentian Heritage WebMagazine

Laurentian Heritage WebMagazine is designed to serve as a window on the history of the Laurentians, a guide to the region's heritage, past and present, and a way to encourage people of all ages to visit the region in person.

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