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Greenwood Blog lets you know what's happening at the Greenwood Centre for Living History in Hudson. Come and visit. Activities and special events are planned between May and December. Everyone is welcome!

Phoebe and Reid Hyde

Hello, My name is Michael Hyde. J. Reid Hyde, who was Phoebe's second husband, was my first cousin, twice removed. I have compliled a lot of family history

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My visit to come soon.

Having just moved to Lorignal, Ontario. I have had the joy of working on my families genealogy. It was my mother who started, and we are going to finish

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Added a link of your site to mine

Hello Greenwood, My great-grandmother Rosina Sabourin was a direct descendant of Jean-Baptiste Sabourin. i visited Greenwood a couple years ago and enjoyed

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Mayor of Hudson Heights

This is either an inquiry or the beginning of a family Story. I am the grandson of Joseph Edward Chandler. Have you got a story or pictures of him or the

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Greenwood Media 2016

Check out Greenwood media coverage. There is always something interesting going on!

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