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The Greenwood Collection includes all the furniture, books, household items, paintings, textiles, family photographs, and decorative art objects that were housed within the centre when it was donated in 1994 to the Canadian Heritage of Quebec, and incorporated as the Greenwood Centre for Living History in 1996. 

This page highlights a small sampling of Greenwood's different collections.  For the complete picture of Greenwood's treasures, attend a tour of the historical house and property.Please contact us to set up a private tour for your group. If you wish to visit Greenwood, you can call for a reservation (450-458-5396) or drop by during our opening hours June, July or August. We are open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm, and Sundays from 1:00 -4:00 pm. 

China Collection

Photo credits: Patrick Robichaud

Delesderniers Family Dinnerware (circa 1850's)
Japanese Teaset: "Hidden Geisha"
Minton Teaset

Art Collection

Photo credits: Patrick Robichaud

"Native Elder" Nicholas de Grandmaison (1892-1978)
"Dr F. Shepherd” Alphonse Jongers (1924)
“Young Girl” Robert Harris (1908)

Clothing Collection 

Silk Wedding Dress, 1847
Silk Satin Evening Gown, circa 1910
Chiffon Evening Gown, circa 1940’s

Theatrical Costumes

Helene de Champlain Costume, 1610
Samuel de Champlain Costume, 1610
Rosalind Costume From "As You Like It"

Hat Collection

Elsa Schaparelli, 1940s
Straw base with metal medallion, circa 1950s
Brown felt, circa 1960s

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