Past President Messages - Messages précédents  des présidents

April 2020

Dear Greenwood Members and Supporters,

On behalf of the Greenwood Board of Directors, I am sending our hopes that you, along with your families and friends, are safe and healthy and will remain so.

Greenwood is being well looked after, with regular house and grounds checks by our Executive Director and Associate Director. They are also attending to the regular daily business of running our beautiful heritage house.

We are part of a unique and close family and we look forward to sharing our latest Living History moments soon again.

Chers membres et supporteurs de Greenwood,

Au nom du conseil d’administration de Greenwood, j’espère que vous, votre famille et vos amis êtes tous en santé et en sécurité, et que vous continuerez à le rester.

Greenwood est toujours entre les bonnes mains de notre Directrice exécutive et notre Directrice adjointe qui effectuent sans relâche une surveillance régulière de la maison et du terrain. Toutes deux veillent à la gestion quotidienne de notre magnifique maison historique.

Nous faisons partie d’une grande famille et nous avons bien hâte de revivre bientôt et tous ensemble nos prochains moments d’histoire vivante.

Susan Gilmore Lombard 

August 2015

Dear Friends,

What a wonderful beginning to Greenwood’s eighteenth season where we continue to celebrate the most generous bequest of Greenwood to the Canadian Heritage Association of Quebec by Phoebe Nobbs Hyde in 1994!

During recent weeks, the house has been bustling with dedicated volunteers  who have emptied the Nobbs Room, researched period paint colours and window coverings, decided on appropriate floor finishes and wall paper, and thrown themselves into a host of other jobs that have been undertaken to restore this room, dedicated to the remarkable Percy Nobbs, Phoebe’s father. This project has been spearheaded by the indefatigable Jeanna McClintock and her wonderful partners Donna Seaman and Margaret Waller. And when all the preparatory research work was done, much of it during the winter months, and craftspeople hired to carry out the vision, a team of twelve volunteers assembled to return the carefully stored items to the beautifully restored Nobbs room. As of today, most of the art work has been re-hung with the final few pieces installed before the reception that followed the “Songs for a Midsummer’s Night” performed at St. Mary’s Church by the talented Greenwood Singers on Friday, May 29, under the direction of the highly accomplished Judy Meade.

This short voyage through one project at Greenwood will give you some idea of the opportunities that arise when one is a Greenwood volunteer. Audrey Wall, our exceptional Executive Director, ensures that each person who comes to help is genuinely appreciated for the time, energy and expertise shared. Her vast knowledge of all the dimensions of this unique property ensures that we are truly a “Centre for Living History” and as such, that we continue to evolve while remaining true to the past. Thank you, Audrey!

As spring flourishes, the exceptional gardens begin to emerge and many gardeners are needed to weed, rake, plant, and maintain this beautiful garden-space-by-the-lake. Wednesdays are gardening days and Terry O’Shaughnessy, our new Associate Director, is continuing the task of curating the botanical side of Greenwood and joyfully welcomes everyone who comes to help.

And I cannot go any further in this missive without mentioning the baking that arrives in Greenwood’s back porch to ensure that everyone is treated royally by our incredibly accomplished cooks. But, most of all, the friendships forged, abilities honed, talents developed, and opportunity to be part of a team dedicated to conserving a truly historic piece of Hudson, Quebec and Canada, makes Greenwood a place for all!

Now is the time to visit our beautiful heritage house, the time to become a member, the time to come for Tea and Tour Sundays, the time to introduce friends and family to a magical place, the time to introduce yourselves to a past time that we all share, the time to tell stories, to listen to stories, I could go on and on and on…

Check the main page of this website to find out what is coming up next and we look forward to welcoming you into the family. Come to Greenwood this summer and be part of the magic!

Susan Gilmore

August 2012

We began this season after undertaking a renovation project on the front hall which has brightened and restored the front entrance. We achieved this through the generous support and donations of our members and sponsors, as well as a generous contribution from CHQ (Canadian Heritage of Quebec).

Our gardens have been graciously adopted by a wonderful and committed crew of volunteers who have worked very hard this season and have come a long way towards restoring them to their past glory.

Our numerous activities over the summer were well received. Treasures in the Attic continues to be a well attended and successful event.

StoryFest celebrated its 10th season. We are very proud of what we have accomplished with StoryFest. The response from the public and you, our members, has been very positive. We continue to host so many successful writers and are thrilled when they accept our invitation to our small town. Our guests are all, in turn, equally charmed by our community and Greenwood.

It saddens us that over this past year a few of our long time and treasured Members have passed on. They will be sorely missed.

Greenwood, Phoebe's legacy, is strengthened by the generous support of you, our valued members. Your support enables Greenwood to fulfill its mission of promoting history, culture and the arts in our community. We look forward to your continued support and hope to see you all soon at Greenwood.

Warm Regards,
Diane Ratcliffe
President of Greenwood's Board of Directors 

August 2010

Hello Greenwood Friends,

We are well into our 2010 season at Greenwood with our enthusiastic and capable crew of Audrey Wall, executive director and our two interns, Julie D’Aoust and Valerie Martin.

On June 19th we hosted our first member’s day. This was an opportunity to acknowledge and thank our members for their support of Greenwood and to encourage our members to come and enjoy our beautiful garden by the lake.

We also wanted to acknowledge and thank Hamlet Construction for the gazebo that they constructed on the property. It has been a delightful addition to the Greenwood gardens.

As well, we honoured one of our dear volunteers, Ted Corbiere, who passed away this past year. We were pleased to have Ted’s wife and son with us to commemorate a plaque in his honour that will hang at Greenwood. 

On Sunday, June 27th, we hosted acclaimed mystery author, Louise Penny. This was a pre-Storyfest event that was well-attended. We have chosen this year to highlight one of Greenwood’s most colourful family members, Percy Nobbs, Phoebe’s father and noted architect. Please join us on Sunday, September 5th at Greenwood for a special day dedicated to Percy Nobbs. 

Storyfest planning is well underway and we will be hosting an exciting range of Canadian authors again this year. You can find more information on our website. Consider getting a Storyfest pass. It’s well worth the cost! 

Greenwood is a gem in our community, offering a variety of activities in the arts and culture and showcasing our wide array of local talent. 

Come and enjoy all that Greenwood has to offer. We hope to see you soon!

Diane Ratcliffe, President

Update 2009


Dear Greenwood Friends,

Like me, many of you were fortunate to have attended the Roast for our former director, Bill Young - one of life's most deserving people ever! It was a joyous occasion with Bill receiving tributes and taunts alike and lots of reminders of his rounded life.

It's the first anniversary for our new Executive Director, Audrey Wall. She has brought her creative energy and positive direction to Greenwood to make it a more accessible and welcoming centre. She follows the tradition of the many talented people that Greenwood attracts.

Next, thanks to membership donations, we have been able to go ahead with a few upgrades on the house. On the physical side, our old plumbing system will be improved upon this Spring. As well, our alarm system has been adapted to better serve our needs.

And now for something you can see! The 1839 watercolour of Greenwood is presently in the hands of a conservator and when she has treated the work it will be re-framed to current archival standards. The funds for this endeavor come from your support of Bill Young's marathon run in Toronto last fall. Bravo Bill! Also, we are planning to have our gem of a dining room re-painted, maintaining Phoebe's colour scheme. You should see a much more attractive room when you next visit.

In the program department, our successful Sundays at Greenwood, held every second week, will continue with our "added attractions" - poets, artists, musicians, photographers, storytellers and more- to delight you. So be sure to check our schedule and mark your calendar. Our volunteers will welcome you with Greenwood's customary hospitality.

If you haven't yet renewed your membership, please take a few minutes to fill out the enclosed form. As always, we appreciate your support, both financial and participatory. We look forward to a full summer and fall season of events and hope you will join us for many of them. There are lots of new ways for you to enjoy Greenwood this summer (see pg. 3 for our expanded schedule). Please stop by at any time to enjoy the garden and the wondrous view.

Kind regards,

Donna Seaman

Update 2008


Dear Friends,

It's always a pleasure to greet you and bring you up-to-date on Greenwood events. Our new Director, Audrey Wall has made a wonderful start and I'm sure you'll agree that she will continue to lead Greenwood with skill, grace and charm.

Our main focus for this letter however, is not easily broached; finances never are! Greenwood's financial status is of concern to its board; we think it should be of concern to you and to the wider community as well.

As you might imagine, maintaining a 200+ year old home requires a significant amount of money. The endowment that Phoebe Hyde left has now been depleted somewhat to pay for a fire prevention system and replacing the roof. If you've been to Greenwood recently you will have seen that the house needs repairs, paint and general upkeep. Unfortunately, before we can turn to these requirements, we must address a number of more urgent issues, such as plumbing updates, evaluation of electrical needs and basic structural integrity. And while these projects may be less visible, they are nonetheless necessary. The question facing us is: where do we find the money?

We find ourselves looking at innovative ways to improve our finances. One approach involves saving as much as we can in our everyday procedures; another is to re-examine program fees. We are also looking to business for assistance, to governments for funding, and to private donors. And of course, we are always interested in broadening our membership- so if you know of someone who would be intrigued by Greenwood, please pass along our Newsletter, or bring them to our events.

We recognize that there are numerous associations crying out for funds. It is our hope that you will not forget the cultural and historic needs within our community. Greenwood intends to continue being a welcoming place where people can come together to enjoy the beautiful home by the river that Phoebe left for the community. In recognition of the remarkable generosity of her gift we, as a board, feel bound to carry out Phoebe's wish. And we will continue to offer the array of cultural activities that are the mainstay of our mandate.

Greenwood has enjoyed a long and vibrant past; your support is needed to help us create an equally vibrant future. Greenwood depends on you.

With warm regards,
Donna Seaman
President of Greenwood Board of Directors 


Dear Friends,

Here I am, midwinter, sitting in a lounge chair looking out over the Caribbean. But my thoughts are back in Hudson, remembering summer and the view from Greenwood looking out over the Lake of Two Mountains. Different, but both most pleasurable.

I’m also reflecting that Greenwood is in a very favorable position after 10 years of Growth. We have developed experience in bringing you informative programs. Last year our revision of the mission and vision put us more soundly in the present. We are very encouraged by the resolution from the Town of Hudson reinforcing our value to the local community. And our new web site sends our message out way beyond the borders of Hudson. More recently, we were delighted to announce the appointment of our new Executive Director, Audrey Wall, who brings a wealth of skill and capability honed through her career in education. As well, she has her own vision for Greenwood. Make sure to stop in to meet her.

During our time without a director, our board of directors became more fully aware of the day-to-day life at Greenwood. During the fall we had a Governance workshop, which helped to focus our goals, so the future looks good for Greenwood as we create a tighter ship.

But that’s us here at Greenwood. As always we look to you, members of the Greenwood family, for guidance and feedback on our activities and programming. And you always give it along with your support.

As spring approaches we look forward to reacquainting with you at ourAnnual General Meeting where I know you’ll be stimulated and entertained by our speaker. As summer arrives, we hope you’ll join us for a House Tour, or an evening of lovely music with the Greenwood Choir at St. Mary’s Church. In the fall, StoryFest, with its array of first class authors and interesting activities, will be sure to entice you.

Please stop by Greenwood to enjoy the gardens if you like a moment of reflection, and do drop in to say hello. We always enjoy a visit form our Greenwood friends.

Chers amis,

En admirant en mi-hiver la beauté d’une plage antillaise, mes pensées se sont tournées vers l’été à Hudson et à la vue splendide des jardins de Greenwood donnant sur le Lac des Deux Montagnes- deux vues différentes mais les deux des plus agréables.

Je constate également que Greenwood, après dix ans de croissance, se trouve dans une position très favorable. Avec l’expérience acquise, nous avons su développer et vous amener des programmes instructifs. L’année dernière, notre révision de la mission et notre vision nous a rendus plus solides. Nous sommes très encourages par la résolution du Conseil Municipal renforçant notre valeur à la communauté locale, d’autant plus que notre nouveau site Web propage notre message au-delà des frontières de Hudson. Plus récemment, nous avons été ravis de nommer notre nouvelle administratrice dirigeante, Audrey Wall, qui amène une richesse de compétence et de capacité aiguisée par sa carrière dans l’éducation, en plus de sa propre vision pour Greenwood. Venez faire sa connaissance!

Pendant la période sans administrateur, notre conseil d’administration est devenu plus fort et encore plus conscient de la vie quotidienne à Greenwood. L’automne dernier, nous avons participe a un atelier ayant pour but de nous aider à mettre au point nos objectifs. L’avenir de Greenwood est donc sur la bonne voie. Comme toujours, nous comptons sur vous, les membres de la famille Greenwood, et nous tenons à connaître vos opinions e réactions sur nos activités et notre programmation. Votre soutien nous tient à cœur.

Au printemps, nous espérons vous revoir a notre assemblée générale annuelle, et que vous serez parmi nous pour une tournée de la maison ou pour une soirée musicale avec la Chorale de Greenwood à l’Eglise de St. Mary. Nous aurons aussi l’occasion de vous revoir en automne lors de notre activité «StoryFest » avec son tableau d’auteurs de première classe et d’autres activités intéressantes. Venez nous voir à Greenwood, soit pour apprécier les jardins, soit tout simplement pour nous dire bonjour. Nous apprécions toujours la visite de nos amis.

Kind regards/Salutations, 
Donna Seaman
President of Greenwood Board of Directors 

Update 2007

It has been a memorable 10th anniversary year for Greenwood. At the beginning of the year, the Board set forth its goals: to affirm and strengthen Greenwood's partnerships and position in the community; and to create and present special activities in celebration of Greenwood's first decade.

With respect to the first goal, we entertained representatives of local community groups with a special spring tour and reception at Greenwood. As a result, new friends were made and strong ties were formed with several community groups.

Later on in the summer, we organized a reception at Greenwood for local town councilors. The following week we made a presentation to Mayor Corker and her councilors at a town caucus meeting following which, Councilor Tom Birch agreed to act as a liaison with Greenwood. We are delighted with the cordial relationship that has been established with the town.

With respect to the Board's second goal to create and present activities in celebration of the Centre's 10th anniversary, a new dimension of Greenwood-based themes and displays was added to our regular program of summer house tours. The first theme was Phoebe's Life, and especially her interests and her history. Of course, all of Greenwood is a testament to Phoebe but for the first time in the Centre's history, the dining table was set with the family porcelain, while her letters and painting diaries were set out for viewing. Her favourite dresses were also on display, and it was fascinating to note how their workmanship, fine detail and small waist size astounded our visitors.

The Life and Times of Dr. Shepherd was chosen as the second theme. Our intern, Chris Olson, wrote and performed a monologue based on Dr. Shepherd himself visiting Greenwood from the past. Chris looked the part, remained in character, and was the hit of the summer!

Continuing the acting theme, the Hudson Players provided their usual magic as part of another wonderful Theatre on the Lawn. The youth group outdid themselves with an 'anti-panto' pantomime that used the garden to its fullest.

Earlier in the season, the Greenwood Singers presented a sublime Spring Concert and they followed months later with an equally delightful Christmas concert!

This fall, thanks to the efforts of Leo Rampen and Bill Young, and to the assistance of local sponsors, our annual author's series known as the Gigantes Series has been expanded into a wonderful new package,StoryFest...Playing with Words. It is a celebration of writers, authors, poets, anyone who expresses their thoughts through the written word!

Finally, we must end on a sad note; after three-and-a-half years of being the hub of Greenwood, our Executive Director, Mary Ann Pavlik decided to return to full time work. She assures us that Greenwood and all the Greenwood folks remain in her heart.

Please take the opportunity to support Greenwood's activities and programs so we may continue to deliver them to you. If you know of others who might be interested in supporting Greenwood through donations or volunteer activities, please encourage them to contact the Centre.

As always we appreciate your support and your feedback, and look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards, 
Donna Seaman
President of Greenwood Board of Directors 

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